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Symbool Brouwerij B

Brewery B

Brewery B was founded in 2016 as a brewferm with her own recipes. In 2019 we bought a brew installation, to enable us to brew larger volumes.

Brewery B stands for:

B from Beer, Beer with respect for quality

B from Brothers, Brothers with passion

B from Blankenberge, a city with a unique character

Real Love since 2016

é N'Echten since 2016, just for the local carnaval and only possible to get as a free gift from the brewery itself.

Dark Love since 2017

e n'Echten since 2020

Who are we?

The reference to B from Brothers isn't drown from a bottle. The idea for a brewery is the passion of beer tasting that Pieter and Jan De Soete share with each other. For completing their passion for beer tasting they set up a beer tasting club together with other passionated people, namely vzw 't Scarphoutertje Beertasting club, in Blankenberge.  However the eagerness to learn wasn't tempered. They followed a two years during course zythology (beer sommelier) at Synta West and completed this with succes.

Quickly both wives joined in this tastefull passion. Next to the freedom for commiting completly to this "out of control" hobby, their team is strengthend, in function of the brewery, with Julie Geldhof (the wife of the oldest brother).


Symbool Brouwerij B

Brewery B bvba
Gildestraat 1
8370 Blankenberge
België - Belgique - Belgium
BTW-nr: BE 0654.727.135

Email: info@brouwerijb.com