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It's possible to buy our beer in our selling points. If you want to buy straight from us push the button below.

Horeca / Drinking store / War house

Our beers arelocal products and speaks to a wide audience. Do you want our beers in your range of beers. Contact us by pushing the button below. Don't forget to ask for our prices and different possibilities.

Selling points

Discover the different selling points where you can get our beer.

Real Love Bier


At the moment you can get our first beer,  Real Love 7,5° and it's sister Dark Love 8,5°.

Our prices:

- for 4x33cl bottles (1 basket) €8,00

- for 8x33cl bottles (2 baskets) €16,00

- for 12x33cl bottles (3 baskets) €24,00

- for 24x33cl bottles (in a box) €42,00

- 1 bottle 75cl €6,00

(incl. deposit)

Leave your contacts using our contacting form en let us know what you want. We will send you our price and payment information. After payment you can expect our beer in the following days.

If you have an event for an organisation or you want to order a larger amount, than contact us first. So we can look what we can do for you. 

Beer Package

Beer package Five

Price: €12,00

Beer package Triple Duo

Price: €14,00

Beer package Quatro Duo

Price: €16,00

Beer package Hexa Duo

Price: €20,00

Sales locations


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BTW-nr: BE 0654.727.135

Email: info@brouwerijb.com